Group Training

Group fitness classes at our Glendora gym allow you to be trained by a Trainer in a setting that is less intimidating because you are not alone. But how does this differ from a studio class?  Well for starters the sessions are never the same, the sessions will continue to change so that you will always progress and never plateau. Having a trainer coaching you is always motivating but having someone else right there beside you exercising aspires you to push further. The support you get at our Glendora group fitness classes from both your Trainer and your peers helps you through the challenges to achieve success. The Trainer will also monitor and record your progress, whether the progress be muscle gain, weight loss, inches lost or body fat loss.  

Personal Training

Motivation, Accountability, Charisma, Nutritional Support, Specific Programming, Fun and Results. This is what Fit Gym of Glendora feels personal training is all about and what our personal trainers adhere to. The one on one experience provides an indefinite amount of support, knowledge and in depth analysis about your biomechanics.  Whether you may be young or old, athletic or not, our trainers are prepared to serve you and get you to your desired goals. We have a diversity of trainers here that train in a wide range of disciplines such as Body Building, Cross Training, Calisthenics, and more. Get to know the local Glendora personal trainers here at Fit Gym by visiting our Meet the Instructors page. See which trainer fits best with you!