Instructor: Nathalie Younan

Looking for a Glendora fitness class that devotes its entire time to conditioning your legs? Look no further!  Lower Body Strength Training targets all the muscles from your core right down to your calves.  All the exercises develop endurance, strength and burn calories!  Trust us, you won't be walking away..unhappy!

LB Strength Training

Body Sculpt

Instructor: Nathalie Younan

Body Sculpt is the complete full body workout that will will push your body to its limits!  Suitable for all individuals no matter what your level of athleticism may be.  Come on in and have a blast with the instructor and your fellow sculptors as together we help you sculpt the body you want.  

Cardio Strength

Instructor: Nathalie Younan

Ready to increase cardio vascular strength and burn those unwanted calories!? Than step foot into a Cardio Strength fitness class at our Glendora gym where the cardio and fun never end! The class uses weights and body weight to achieve maximum cardio output.  Be prepared to sweat and to get your heart pumping!  This class has been known to take your breath away.

Country Cardio

Instructor: Carol Buss

Tired of the same boring cardio class and want to try something fun and entertaining?  Come join Carol as she gets your heart pumping and your body sweating to country music!  All the moves are line dance based and simple to do.  


Instructor: Maria San Jose

Looking for a Glendora fitness class that feels less of an exercise and something that is lively and exciting? Zumba is what you need and we got it!  Come join Maria and friends as they dance the night away with Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia and much more!  No Experience needed, just come on in and have fun!

Our most athletic yoga practice with a continuous in vigorous flow combining of breath and movement. If you want a yoga class in Glendora that will tone your entire body, increase flexibility and strength leaving you with enhanced stamina and a quiet mind, come to Fit Gym.

Power Yoga Class

Instructor: Ildiko Csarmasz

Our gentle yoga class is designed for beginners and to rejuvenate the body. This class will improve your balance and flexibility, restore the bodies range of motion blending breath work and movement learning to cultivate body awareness will lead practitioners with the power of healing and a sense of bliss.

Restorative Yoga Class

Instructor: Ildiko Csarmasz

This next level class focuses on engaging your abdominal muscles with court poses that build A strong and stable center. Expect to sweat as this class is dynamic believing you centered and refresh.

Core Yoga Class

Instructor: Ildiko Csarmasz

No matter what your experience is on the mat, this morning yoga class is energizing. Be prepared to build strength and to be inspired to move with the happiness and joy. Discover the healing power of a quieting mind and leave your worries behind.

Slow Flow Class

Instructor: Ildiko Csarmasz